By: miss_lianne | October 19, 2017

Most brands are already on board with social media marketing. If nothing else, they do it because they feel they’re supposed to. But many brands aren’t seeing any monetary benefit from their social media marketing efforts and there are still brands that aren’t investing in a social media strategy because they don’t see how it can be profitable. After all, what’s the point in amassing 5,000 followers or getting x number of likes on a Facebook post if sales don’t go up as a result?

The truth is, social media marketing can be a very profitable channel if it’s done right. The following advice can help you turn your social media marketing strategy into a profitable one.

Invest money (to a reasonable degree)

A blessing and a curse with social media ...

By: miss_lianne | August 29, 2017

In this day and age, a strong social media presence is crucial for any brand that hopes to stay relevant. But social media is a crowded place, to succeed in creating a strong social media presence, you need to be aware of the following eight keys to success.

Quality over quantity

Quality over quantity applies to a couple of different things as it pertains to social media. The first is that you need to focus on making quality posts using quality images or quality video content rather than posting average stuff every couple of hours. The second is that you need to attract quality followers, people who will actively participate in conversations in the comments section of your posts and share your posts with their friends, not people who will giv...

By: miss_lianne | August 04, 2017

Mobile technology has advanced light years in the last decade or so which makes the stagnation of Short Messaging Service (SMS, or texting) especially surprising. While virtually everything else having to do with mobile has changed so drastically over the years, texting has remained pretty much the same. It’s still text-only and the number of characters per text is still limited as well. Because of these limitations combined with a desire by consumers to have more features, the popularity of third party messaging apps is exploding. Many are leaving SMS altogether in favor of Snapchat, Whatsapp, and Facebook Messenger. The bigger smartphone manufacturers like Apple and Samsung are catching onto this trend as well. Apple’s iMessage is the def...

By: miss_lianne | July 24, 2017

In the past couple of years, chatbots have gained tremendous ground with businesses scrambling to develop chatbots to assist consumers in doing all manner of tasks. Since texting and instant messaging are such popular forms of communication, especially among millennials, businesses are discovering the value in coming to where they already are, chat-based platforms. There are already bots that can help you narrow down products you might be interested in based on your preferences and bots that can book flights or make dinner reservations. One very popular use is customer service since chatbots have proven themselves to be very helpful when it comes to responding to frequently asked questions and connecting people with the right customer servi...