By: miss_lianne | October 04, 2017

Generation Z is currently the youngest demographic. Many marketers believe that Gen Z is the most important demographic for brands since they are the fastest growing generation and are just now beginning to enter the workforce and gain purchasing power. Because Gen Z is still so young, however, the traits that characterize them are not yet fully understood and many brands are making mistakes in trying to reach this audience. The following seven tips can help brands to more effectively reach Gen Z with their marketing efforts.

Embrace new social media

While millennials (or Generation X) are content to stick with earlier social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter, Generation Z are more likely to adopt newer social media platforms and in f...

By: miss_lianne | September 26, 2017

A key element in any SMS marketing text message is a good call to action. It’s the difference between a text with a great click-through and redemption rate and a wasted opportunity. The call to action is the heart of the text message and you need to take great care in crafting it. Here are a few helpful tips for writing the perfect call to action for your text messages.

Make it urgent

If your call to action is left open-ended, in other words, if recipients feel like they can act on it at some future time, there’s a good chance they’ll put it off until they forget and they never will follow through with it. You can create urgency through word choice and tone. You can also create urgency by stating a deadline. Mobile-only offers, for instance, ...